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It’s so amusing.  I have recently found that the person who I reported for manipulating the votes with her several sock puppet accounts is going through all my best answers and deleting them.  She has read all my answers up to January of 2009.  Anyway, there aren’t many left.  Only ten months of record to go through since I started answering questions in Yahoo Knowledge in March 2008.  Anyway, if she finds going through my answers and deleting them a good use of her time, then so be it.  I am not the one who suffers because I kept all my answers and continue to post them on my blogs and knowledge groups.  It makes no dent on me because the fake title from Yahoo Knowledge has no value to me either.    


I am just amused at how much time she wasted that she could have spent on improving her English language skill.  Oh, well.  That’s her life.  I am a strong believer of “you create and own your own destiny”.  Whatever you do dictates what you will turn out to be.  All I can do is to pity her.    


Oh, I just answer a question about “Dante’s Inferno”, which talks about Hell.  It is very similar to 18層地獄.   Why did I mention this?  It is just so amazing that Western Hell is so similar to Chinese Hell.  Maybe, Hell is universal.

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  • louisa
  • 引用余光中的三句話
    一顆心,能年輕幾回?  答案啊答案  在茫茫的風裡
  • Anyway, it is nice to have a good night sleep.  Everything turns out better the next day.
    I am not a 清者.  I live the way I know how.  I have a lot of things that I don't agree with others. 
    I do know that life is short.  Like the book "The unbearable lightness of being", in any particular moment in time, our action is so transitory that it is light and meaningless.  However, the responsibility in each and every choice and action, over time, leads to everlasting consequences regardless of life’s transience. 
    “Whether they knew or did not know is not the main issue; the main issue is whether a man is innocent because he didn’t know.  Is a fool on the throne relieved of all responsibility merely because he is a fool?”
    So did all the revolutions make sense?  Does it make sense to go against the Devil itself?  Each individual may mean nothing, but overall, I do think that it carries weight by the actions we take and the history we create.
    Anyway, everyone is different in what he/she sees as essence.

    elisaenglish 於 2009/06/03 08:31 回覆

  • Elisa
  • I am too angry to even talk about this that I have made a lot of typos in my responses earlier.  Anyway, louisawu, you are lucky that you do not encounter people like that.  I know that I am not alone and I have talked about the loop holes that Yahoo Management has around removal rules in my suggestion to Yahoo Management.
    Anyway, I don't want to get into details around that.  I am tired of talking about this anymore if you believe that she has no ability to report questions to be removed.  Then so be it.  You can believe whatever you want to believe.  I am not forcing anyone to believe what I said either.
    In past experience, I learnt if I closed my account, the removal of the questions stopped immediately as there is no way that person can filter through my questions to report for removal. 
    Anyway, do whatever you like and believe whatever you want.  I will continue to complain as usual.
  • louisa
  • 我還是不認為任何人有能力去刪除別人的解答,只是Elisa的知識檔案現在設定不公開.合理的解釋就是知識管理員擺的大烏龍 (make a big big mistake),所謂的 take actions 搞錯方向了? 我真羨慕他們的工作,每天只要做刪除的動作,就有薪水可以拿,只有他們才能把妳刪!刪!刪!問清楚吧!
  • I closed the account because I had questions I answered removed starting January of 2009 in these 2 days.
    I have encountered too many incidents like this.  This is not the first time that people had targeted me and reported the questions I answered to be removed.  When I started answering questions in March 2008, I actually had half of the questions I answered removed in 2 days, just because I made a comments of the incorrect answer provided by someone.  And the reasons all due to unclear subject line.  Even when the subject line was clear, it still got removed if someone reported it to be.  I have complained about that before and all I got is an increase in points. 
    Anyway, I don't want to talk about it anymore about this.  Writing article on my blog is a way to vent my frustration.  I am just an old lady who likes to complain.  That's all.  And this will not be the last time I complain about something.  I just like to complain. 
    I have asked them before, so it is no use to ask them anyone.  Anyway, I am sorry that you have to listen to my complaints.  You can choose not to.

    elisaenglish 於 2009/06/02 10:38 回覆

  • louisa
  • going through all my best answers and deleting them
    I don't get it.  Why and how did she do  it ???
  • That is a flaw in Yahoo Knowledge.  You can look up one's profile and pretty much report, going through the questions listed as best answers and report them for violating the rules.  One rule that can wipe out pretty much all your answer is the subject line of the questions not being clear.  I have had several of the questions I answered deleted based on that. 
    Why she did that.  As I had mentioned, she may just want to retaliate because I reported the sock puppet accounts. 
    Anyway, I am tired of dealing with them.

    elisaenglish 於 2009/06/02 10:29 回覆