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Good News!


I was kind of down lately when someone using sock puppet accounts was trying to manipulate the vote of one of the questions I answered. 


I found out that there were about a total of nine accounts that she created based on the voting record of her best answers.  Those usual suspects would show up voting for every answer of hers when the question was up for voting.  It is just too much of a coincidence not to get suspicious.  I really wonder how she can get the same group of people voting for her every time without fail, especially that they are not even her fans.  How do they keep track of her answers without any miss?      In addition, when I look at their profiles, there are so many similarities.   The writing style, .... 


Anyway, it was my suspicion and I reported the evidence I collected to Yahoo Management so they could investigate the case.


I am glad to report back to you that my speculation was not unfound and that I did not falsely accuse someone. 


I was recently notified by Yahoo Management that they have taken care of the sock-puppet accounts I reported.  I am glad that I was correct on my hunch that there was something wrong with it.


This was the response I got.

Hi Elisa,
知識管理員 敬上


I hope this will teach others a lesson not to create sock puppet accounts to manipulate the votes.

If you see any suspicious sock puppet accounts manipulating votes, please let me know and I will report them to Yahoo Management.


By the way, I didn’t know what Yahoo Management meant by “已根據規範處理”.  I will follow up with them and ask what actions they have taken.

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  • louisa
  • HI, Elisa,  曾經有網友發通知信要求幫忙投票,所以我們這些螞蟻雄兵傾巢而出時,他就光榮的得到週冠軍,後來覺得他很煩,就不想再陪他玩了.我的解答也有相同的情形,她連續的用六張票快速的領先我,包括從不介入英文領域的人士,和才剛完成手續加入知識一天的都可以投票,只要有身份証字號,即使一個初生的孩子,就可以增加新帳戶備用,當須要投票時就通通出籠出了,所以有先生,兄弟姐妹,或在學的學生要號召同學增加票數並不難啊!
    所以我不願意再浪費時間讓這些不愉快的事情來影響我的心情,就像現在,如果妳須要我幫妳投票,我一定義不容辭的,對不對?但是妳不會這樣要求我,這就是妳和那些人不一樣的地方.我不是很有時間在知識裡閒逛,但是看到大部份的人是用自己的方式,有著自己的風格和氣度,讓人佩服,追隨其腳步;而這些 people who are shallow 會如同泡沫一樣,過往雲煙,不會有人再想看一眼的,雖然我也是一顆不起眼的小泡泡,但是無所謂的啦!
    昨天坐公車去新莊的路上,因為前天沒有睡好,我想在座位上小睡一下,看到一位六,七歲的小男孩抓著扶手搖來搖去的,我不忍住站起來讓座位給他.因為我想到Elisa's小哥哥也是這般大的孩子吧!他高興的說謝謝阿姨!不到一分鐘,他竟然歪著頭睡著了,可能是早已經累壞了. 有時候小孩子是很無助的,隨時都須要協助.他的母親扶了扶他的頭,又心疼地摸一摸他的臉,可是孩子已經睡得什麼都不知道. 今又心情好,閒聊一下,也謝謝妳的回覆信.    It was not until this  moment that I am quite aware  I have to make many efforts at takling this language.
  • Hi, louisa
    I do feel tired of all these games.  I feel writing articles and answering questions on my blog more rewarding.  When I started answering the questions, I get to know a few people and I really like them.  They are not answering questions anymore, which makes me feel somewhat alone and lack of motivation to continue.  What I have seen on Yahoo Knowledge also makes me feel extremely tired.
    I am surprised that I am still answering the questions for what I have been through as I don't have to take it upon me to go through all the troubles to answer the questions.  My time is precious, considering the limited spare time I have.  Wasting time answering questions without pay while arguing with people and fighting for what's right sounds non value added.
    I do constantly feel if I shouldn't meddle with other people's business.  Maybe I should learn how to walk away from all these.  Anyway, my vacation is coming soon and I will be away from my computer for about 3 weeks.  It would be a really nice break for me.  I just need to make sure that all my projects are delivered before my vacation starts.

    elisaenglish 於 2009/05/31 13:22 回覆