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Recently I got a complaint email from someone I befriended while I was interning at Corestates Bank in Philadelphia 18 years ago.  It is somewhat amazing that we still keep in touch with each other after so many years.  After the internship, I have never been back to Philadelphia .  Time really flies.  I do occasionally think of the succulent lobsters on South Street and the bars near Delaware River .   


This friend of mine has been asking for my blog address ever since I accidently revealed it to her.  I finally gave in to her constant nagging.  It is kind of weird to show all faces of you in front of someone who know you in person.   Actually, there isn’t much to hide.  It is just that I feel naked to be read by them.  It is easier to reveal yourself in front of strangers from online because there is at least a screen that shields your identity.   


 Anyway, back to her email.  She complained to me that she was unable to leave any message on my blog even though half of the articles on my blog she has absolutely no clue of.  She is an ABC.  When we say ABC, we mean people who were born in the US and raised in the US for the majority of their life.  Not someone who was born in the US and stayed only for a few years and went back to Taiwan .  The time that we met, she was studying in Wharton School of Business  .  She was in the undergraduate program and I in the graduate program of Olin School of Business, so we are about 3 years apart in age.  We became good friends for the little difference we have in age and for the small link that we have with Taiwan .  She could speak Taiwanese but not Chinese, let alone reading Chinese characters.  Sunday Chinese language school wasn’t something that could hold her interest and she flunked it right away.  I feel fortunate to have her as a friend.  It is not easy to find someone who can understand you and whom you can talk to on almost every subject.  I believe that the closeness in age is what binds our friendship under the absence of generation gap.


Anyway, I am wondering off the subject again.  About her complaint, she could not leave me any message because of how my blog was set up.  I only accept people who opened a Yahoo blog account to leave messages.  This allows me to control who can leave messages.  I hate ads clouding my blog and this is the only way I know how to prevent it.  She does not have a blog account and isn’t intended to have one.  Her complaint to me was why she should open a Yahoo blog account just for the sake of my convenience.  My response to her was that she should consider herself lucky because she has my personal email address and will definitely reach me no matter where I am.  I may stop blogging any time but I will not close my email account. 


Anyway, if you are reading my blog now, I did not say anything bad about you.  However, I may reveal some of your secrets someday if you continue to bug me.  





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