I have seen Grand Canyon twice, not in person though.  What I felt was overwhelming, even through videos.  The first time I saw the movie “ Grand Canyon ” in the movie theater, I was dumbfounded by its astonishing view.  The sensation I felt was out of this world.  Today, we took our kids to the Science Museum .  With paid annual membership, we are able to watch an IMAX movie each visit free of charge.  I picked “Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk”.  The feeling will be vastly different, viewing from an IMAX theater versus from online because of the big screen.  It was breathtaking. 


Our kids were quite well-behaved.  They were scared though, with the darkness of the theater and the dramatic impact emanated from the screen.  No words can truly speak of the beauty of its vastness.  I was again captivated and enraptured by the magnificence of its beauty.  Even through the video, I could feel the wondrous nature.  Grand Canyon offers an innumerable variety of sensations.  You can see the greatness of the nature from the over pouring waterfalls, the raging rapids of the almighty Colorado River, the stark desert beauty of the Tonto plateau, the stunning cliffs, the sublime vistas to the various winding creeks.


I believe that we are blessed with still having the opportunity to visit the

Canyon before it turns into a video of the past.  With civilization comes devastation to the ecosystem.  The drought within Grand Canyon brought the decision to build a dam to conserve water from Colorado River .  However, was the decision a right one, which changes the ecosystem around that area?  Animals used to populate in that area no longer exist.  Sand areas give way to vegetation and plantation no longer possible.  What can we do to help preserve the earth? 


I hope to have a chance to see Grand Canyon in person one day .



N.B.:  You can see part of what we saw from this link.  It is the official site for the movie.  http://www.grandcanyonadventurefilm.com/

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