The thing that some people might not be aware of is that I do keep every answer I provided and publish them in different forms.  So even though some of the questions might be removed by the askers, my translations or answers can be found elsewhere within your search.  If the askers try to remove any trace of their questions, they are out of luck. 


I am always puzzled by the fact that the askers would erase their questions.  My narrow-minded personality leads me to believe that they were trying to cover up something.  Maybe the questions were part of their homework and they were afraid that the teacher would find out, or other students would get a hold of the answers and duplicate them.  I do abide by my rule not to help others do their homework, but occasionally I was outsmarted and could not detect that the questions were truly someone’s homework.  Anyway, this is just my speculation.  Otherwise, why would someone erase his/her question after he/she obtained my answers?  I am not being conceited as I do believe that I provided quality answers and they were right the majority of the time.    


I believe in sharing my knowledge with everyone, not just the one who asked the question, so I publish all my answers in different channels, through my knowledge groups (English Forum, Better English, Western Knowledge and Effective English) and my blog (soon to be blogs).  Since I do not get paid for the things I wrote, it is my knowledge, my intellectual property and I have the sole right of republishing them in any form.    


I love sharing, so if you have questions that you need clarification, I will try to answer and give you what I have for free.  However, please keep an appreciative mind for getting quality products free in this everything-has-a-price world.

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