Subject – Verb Agreement


2.  Substantive Adjective:

The verb is usually plural because it usually means the people, the things.


For example:

Ø     The sick (people) are well attended in this hospital.

Ø     The French (people) are proud of their heritage.

Ø     He speaks the unspeakable (words) which hurt so many people.

Ø     The good (people) die young.

Ø     Sweets that you eat during your meal have practically no effect on tooth decay.

Ø      The present (time) is only a fleeting moment.    

Ø      The high-rise (buildings) in downtown are a magnificent view.


Note: French ( =The French language) is spoken by the French.


3.  A gerund, an infinitive or a noun clause as a noun substitute.

Verb is singular because it is treated as an uncountable.


For example:

Ø     Playing on the street is dangerous. ( = It is dangerous playing on the street)

Ø     To start a new business is not easy. (= It is not easy to start a new business)

Ø     That women can be both housewives and working women is not easy.

Ø     What we saw downtown is high-rise buildings everywhere. (= It is high-rise buildings that we saw downtown)


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