1.  Walk a fine line – 寸拿捏 (走在微妙的線上)
Usually when the line is blur and narrow, not much room left, and you are likely to fall out of the line.

For example:
As a celebrity, she walks a fine line between raising public awareness for just cause and booting her show rating in her own interest.


This further reflects the fine line between tightening and relaxing of the policies.


Government agencies walk a fine line between responsible safety policies and regulatory excess.



2.  Draw the line – 劃分界線

To set a clear boundary between two things. 

To set a limit at something.


For example:

Where do you draw the line between helping others out of your selfishness and inflating your own ego?


I may party all I want, but I draw a line at drinking.


Sometimes, it is hard to draw the line between love and hatred. 


3. Read between the lines -

To try to understand the meaning of something not explicitly said or written


For example:

She seems to praise your work on the surface but if you read between the lines, you will notice that she is just being sarcastic. 



4. Bottom line - 底線


For example:

The bottom line is that I need to rest, or else I will not have energy to work tomorrow. 



5. In line with - 符合

In agreement with


For example:

I am glad that the outcome is in line with our expectation.



6. Hold the line -

To maintain the status quo


For example:

In order to survive in this economic turmoil, companies have been holding the line on salaries as an alternative to laying off people.



7. On the line - 危險中


For example:

Police’s lives are always on the line due to the nature of their work.


8.  Out of line -無禮的; 鹵莽的; 僭越的

Out of league; impertinent; presumptuous


For example:

You are way out of line to interrupt an important research.


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