“Having said that” or “That (being) said” or “That having been said”:  It is used when we make a bold assertion or an assertion that might be taken as bold, and we wish to soften the impact lest we seem too absolute.

See http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/08142/883453-294.stm




You are just here to make fun of me.  Having said that, I left the room in a huff.


John is a scum and it is unwise of you to befriend him.  Having said that, I left the room before she could slap my face.


The club's rules are so much rotten, stinking tripe. Having said that, I urge the members to obey them meticulously, in the hope that soon we can agree to change them.


The Pirates have been a losing team for 15 years. That being said, it's better than having a minor-league franchise in Pittsburgh .


We had to invade Iraq . That being said, the occupation has been challenging.






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