October 26th, 2008 marked our official first snow of the season.  This signaled that winter is here to stay.  My son has a love-and-hate relationship with snow.  He likes snowing for the thrill from sledding, skating and snow-fight.  He also likes to taste snow.  However, with snow, he will not be able to ride his bike anymore, which is his favorite past-time.  He will not be able to stay outside as long as he wants, not to mention to wear his favorite shorts and short-sleeves.  He hates bundling up.  He also hates that cold may trigger his asthma.


As I woke up the next day, the temperature was around 24 degrees Fahrenheit, which was 4 degrees Celsius below zero.  That is not the coldest of the season.  Can you imagine living in winter for almost half of the year, with subzero degree most of the time from November to February?  The coldest month is January.  If you factor into wind chill effect, we are talking about a 40 or 50-degree below zero temperature in Fahrenheit.  Isn’t that amazing!


I still think that it is better than Alaska .  Talking about Alaska , I am really sad that I missed the chance to go there with my husband for his business trip because my son started his kindergarten that week.  Anyway, we get to go to San Diego next year.  However, Hawaii is now out of the picture.


By the way, Halloween is coming.  My son will be a Wolverine.  Volunteering to help out at the school’s party, I thought that maybe I can get a chance to take some pictures of his.  However, he told me that he didn’t want to wear the Wolverine costume to school.  He only wanted to wear it going trick-or-treat in my neighborhood with his good friend.  Anyway, we will see if I can persuade him to wear it to school, so I can take the pictures. 


My daughter is still pretty small, so I thought that I can save some money not buying a costume.  It is really funny when the teacher asked what she will be and she said “butterfly”.  Oh well!  We will have to see if we can get away without that or not.

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