I came across an interesting topic about the English translation of 酒後亂性

At first, I thought maybe you can say “Getting wild while drunk” or “Engaging in sex uncontrollably when drunk”.  But then, does 酒後亂"" have to do with sex or getting wild? Maybe not.

Maybe "to lose one's senses when drunk", or "to lose one's head when drunk" would be a better usage.


As for “to loose control getting drunk”, I would say that what it meant is more around “to loose control over drinking and get to the point that you are drunk”.  This usually refers to someone who is an alcoholic and cannot control how much he drinks.


I would say that if you want to use the word “control”, a better and less ambiguous phrase would be “to loose control when drunk”, which means “to loose control when you are drunk”.


An interesting article around this:


From: Psychology Today - My Genes Made Me Do It

But although genes can influence reactions to alcohol, they cannot explain why some people continue drinking to the point of destroying their lives. Most people find orgasms rewarding, but hardly any engage in sex uncontrollably.


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