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This is one of my earlier translations when I first started answering questions in Yahoo Knowledge in March 2008.  I would like to share it with you all.


Omnipresent oyster farms, Taiwan Salt Corporation Salt Mountain and salty popsicles are the unique features of this region.

In addition, located at the outlet of Tsengwen River , the endangered "Black-faced Spoonbills" are extremely famous in the eyes of the preservation groups around the world.

Not only can you see salts piling up like Snow Mountain in Cigu Salt Fields, you can also see birds’ footprints everywhere at the oasis of the sea corner. This is the best and most uncrowded spot for bird watching.

Arriving in Chungliao at dusk, watching the sun sinking towards the horizon, bathing Hsiliao Village in golden radiance, with fishing boats returning to the docks fully loaded, I believe this to be the most spectacular scenery ever.

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  • vivian
  • when I was in elementry school, I visited Salt Hills a couple of times on the way to my grandmom's house in Tainan. yeah, it was actually as high as hill, and not clean and sparkling because of lots of footsteps on it.
    friends living in Philadelphia just came back from Beijing the other day and paid us a visit with their son, my second godchild, for only 2 days. They watched some games in Beijing. How about you? Did you find time for watching the Olympics? well, to me, sport is not as attractive as internet, not even Michael Phelps. But somewhere in mind I know why I do not spend time watching games, becuase they equal races. it means someone is going to lose. guess I just cannot see with my eyes the ones I support lose. the feelings are too heavy. so, it's easier to be a bystander. ha!
    by the way, I have to say that is interesting to call easy-raised one "mellow kid"...he he. Recently I spent most of time at Preganancy and Nursery sharing some opinions. well...the feelings about this category remain the same as ever. the way of raising kids in Taiwan is kinda tiresome and unhealthier, it seems that no one opens books before or during the progress for a better or right way to do such a thing. and sometimes there  come some funny and boring questions.
    Fianlly  I got hit that the whole Yahoo! Knowledge+ is just a machine which produces the same product everyday by different mechanics. the shape, the color, or the size may be different but the content is not changed. So people come and go for questioning and answering, what have been changed are the size of data base, the volume of questions and answers, the points, the levels, and the people, but the questions and the answers are pretty much the same with slightly different organization. it's just like the way the history forms and lasts. well..a little speechless with little chuckle...
  • I have never been to the Salt Mountain .  I didn’t even know its existence until I translated that article. 
    Come to think of it.  I haven’t been to many places in Taiwan either.
    I probably watched it three times.  My son does not like watching the Olympics, so I have to watch the cartoons with him.  One time, I watched the Gymnastics in the middle of night after my son was sound asleep.  Other times, I just keep sleeping through the night with my son. 
    I think that I am okay with who wins or loses.  I don’t have a particular person that I will root for and that is why I am not a fan of anything or anyone. 
    Yes, I got the feeling that some people may be too lazy to do their homework and the easiest way is to ask others to do it for them.  I remembered that I purchased several books and read articles online from pregnancy to nursing and to disciplining, all by myself.  Information is everywhere within the cyber space.  You just have to look for it.    

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