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知識長大駕光臨正感納悶, 傳遞聖旨, 鄙人之極, 興趣知. 

!  冗長的履打破了字數制得以張貼在雅虎. 

Could this be a joke?


學習知識長的例子,加諺語: 不為人妒者是庸才. 




I spent a lot of time copying and pasting the Chinese characters from online Chinese Dictionary from Department of Education.  Pardon me for any misspelling.

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  • vivian
  • You know what, I think toddlers do not like dark-skin people even it’s a child. There is a boy from India in my son’s class, to me he is cute and he likes my son very much. However, my son does not like him and did not play with him at all. We talked about it one night before sleeping and he said to me that he does not like him because he is dark. I tried explaining why that boy has a different color from him. I even said to my son that he has a color too. He probably did not understand but replied with innocent tone that the boy got burned, that is why he is dark. @@~~I almost  passed out. But they play together now, things just changed without a notification.
    And I agree with you that the earlier, the better, and I’m not young any more, that is a reason for me not yet going for a second one. I don’t know if your two were all easy raised or one of them took you a lot of work. I’ve heard and seen plenty of facts that no matter how many kids the parents have, there must be one with problems of sleeping or eating or some character/habit unbearable to the parents.  He or she will make you extremely exhausted and worried while the other(s) grows like a seed—throw in the soil and grow itself with no care. My son is too easy raised, you may feel my scare if you had the situation I just mentioned.
    Your reason to have a second one is not strange. I saw many Americans on TV said they just loved the feeling of being clung so they got pregnant again and again. Be honest, I’m a little different from you. Even though I love my son, I still hope to keep a very private period of time for myself, alone.
    Minnesota …no wonder you cannot stand the air here. It might be another place besides Hawaii that I will dare to drink the water directly from the tap, but I’ve not been there yet.^^|||
  • My pregnancies for both were considered high risk because of my age.  I got married late and then waited for a few years before we decided to have kids.  You are lucky to have a mellow kid.  My son was considered pretty mellow until he turned 3 and my daughter was okay until she turned 1.  The term trouble 2 to us is not accurate.  Our kids have eating problem since they were born.  My son eats very little and takes an entire hour sitting there talking rather than eating.  He is so picky.  He only eats bread, plain noodles, plan pizzas without any toppings, apples, and salmon; however, sometimes he will not eat any of them.  Multi-vitamin is what was suggested by the doctors.  My daughter eats more variety but with little bites only.  She is less than 3 percentile in weight.  She also has to take multi-vitamin.  My son also likes to pick on his sister.  He would say no and she would say yes and it goes on and on and on.  Or the other way around.  She picks on him or they fight for the same toy.  We are always exhausted but there is also lots of fun. 
    I do have some time of my own when my son watches TV or plays with our neighbors’ kids.  I kind of leave him to our neighbors and my husband to take care of him.  Friday is more of a casual day for me because I work from home on Fridays and most of my colleagues have that day off.  It is nice to have 8 hours for myself (even though I still have to work) without colleagues and kids. 
    You are welcome to come visit us.  There is not much to be seen though except for Lake Superior and some lakes .  A boring city.  But I like the weather (half of the year is winter), the air and the peace.

    elisaenglish 於 2008/08/09 03:02 回覆

  • vivian
  • ha ha ha~~ I just noticed that I kept typing North instead of Northern Cal....bet you understood what I meant. ^^
  • I live in Minnesota .  If you read my article "It's almost summer", you will know where I live (in a zoo/forest!!).  Did I mention that I like Mid West?  I think it is a nice state for the kids to grow up.  However, we live in a neighborhood without much diversity.  We are in an all White community except for one of our neighbour who adopted a Japanese boy.  So when my son saw a black, he would point at him and stated that he was very dark.  He doesn’t like dark-skinned people.  I am trying to teach him not to judge people by appearance and not to have prejudice.
    You probably cannot imagine the reason I decided to have a second one.  It is when my son was no longer a baby and did not cling to me.  I wanted to have a baby girl who would cling to me and wants her mommy.  I also wanted my son to have a sibling to play with so he won’t get lonely. 
    Oh well, now my daughter prefers my husband to me.  However, it is interesting.  Because I paid so much attention to my daughter, my son started to get jealous and he is now clinging to me again.  I am a pathetic mom.
    I would tell people to have at least two kids.  I think that one is just not enough.  If I were young, I would have more.  I like babies.  I would also recommend people to have kids earlier so you will have the energy to keep up with them.  My daughter adores her brother and my son loves his sister.  They learn a lot from each other.  It is fun watching both of them playing together.  However, they also fight a lot. 

    elisaenglish 於 2008/08/07 16:00 回覆

  • vivian
  • yeah..as you said so that not many Taiwanese know about Wash U, I guess the reason would be that these high rated schools such as Social Work, Medical, Law, and Architecture are not ones popular or most wanted in Taiwanese society. To those who are qualified for both Wash U and Urbana-Champion, I bet all of them would go for Champion for no any hesitances.
    On the other hand, what you said also reminded me of a translation I've made a couple of months ago, it's just like somebody threw a rock and hit right on my head, not hurt but awaken. "overall ranking among"....man! I should have said it in this way. well, too late for that translation but not for me to learn. ^__^
    you have 2 kids, eh..think that is a lot of work and that is why I still struggle to have second one. but one seems too lonely and quiet....
    so, what state do you live now? North Cal is an area with high living standard, that is why I think California is not a good place for retired people even including LA or San Diego, or even Fresno, unless with a beautiful amount of deposit in banks, otherwise people would not live a life in the way they did b4. is that pathetic? gee~~
  • vivian
  • well, Carbondale is a small town where I inserted a quarter for 2 hours parking 3 years back, but the school was (or is still) called party school, haha~~
    yeah..I live in LA, just told Claire that I was scared to death by the temblor yesterday when shopping at Costco....but I can stand the smog (smoke+fog) since I'm from Kaohsiung, a city with worse air quality.. so it's not a major problem to me, ha ha~~however, LA or San Diego (no need to mention the cities in North Cal) is not a good place for retirement even though the Chinese food and Korean food in LA are the best in the nation. you gotta make a chance to try some here, I bet you will put on a few pounds in couple of days.
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champion~~~it's one with great reputation, feel shocked you did not go for it 'cause I dont know anything about Wash U, not even the location~~ ^^|||. heard of many international students took summer classes at a university or college named Simon(?) in St. Louis, is there one named so?
  • I didn’t know that there was a temblor in LA.  Ya, that would be scary.  I was not kept abreast with the news after having kids.  No time for News except Cartoon programs.  I like oceans and I pick San Diego because I think that it is cheaper than Orange County .  Who knows!  We may pick N. California .  Washington or Oregon is just too wet for me.  Phoenix is too hot.  Anyway, we still have time to decide.
    Wow! 2 hours parking for a quarter.  I don't think that you can find it anywhere.            
    I don’t think that many Taiwanese know about Wash U.  Its School of Social Work is the best of the country.  Its Medical School is among the top 3.  Its Business School , Law School and School of Architecture are among the top 20 in the nation.  Its overall undergrad ranking is among the top 10.  I think that it is much well known by people living in the East.  I used to live in Long Island and several of the people (Caucasian Americans) whom I encountered with in Connecticut , New York and Philadelphia actually recommended me that school over University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign, and that was also another reason that I picked Wash U.  By the way, I have also lived in Philadelphia for about 3 months during my summer intern.  I like Philadelphia for its richness in history and culture but not as a place to live in for long. 
    I have not heard of a school called Simon in St. Louis but I don’t know all the schools in St. Louis either.  I only heard of St. Louis University because someone from our school dated a girl who studied there. 

    elisaenglish 於 2008/07/31 09:45 回覆

  • vivian
  • I just happen to know you lived in St. Louis for 2 years when studying at Washington Uni. you know what, I studied at Southern Illinois Uni at Carbondale, 2 hours drive southbound from St. Louis. I've been there for almost 2 years, which means I did not graduate and left lots of credits to complete. but it's long long time ago....hehe
    guess it's another surprise you've brought me again.
  • It’s nice of you to drop by.  I like St. Louis a lot because I had fond memories while I was there.  I am so glad that someone asked the question about St. Louis , so I cannot help but answering the question.  Actually, I almost attended University of Illinois at Urbana-Champion.  I even flew to the city to check out the school but I was captured by the beauty I saw in Wash U. 
    I don’t know where Carbondale is.  Even though I have lived in the states for more than 18 years, I am still ignorant of many cities.  There are just too many of them.    
    Do you live in LA?  I don’t think that I can stand the air quality in LA.  I do want to retire in California , probably in San Diego .  I do miss the oceans and the Chinese food. 

    elisaenglish 於 2008/07/26 06:11 回覆

  • Claire
  • Hi Elisa, I enjoy reading your answers in Yahoo Knowledge+, casue I can always learn something from your answers.  I noticed you have been a target for those who is jealous of your extensive knowledge in English usage.  Anyway, just stopping by to say .. Thank you.  and it's great to have you in Knowledge+ for me and those who intend to improve their English and obtain the information of accurate English usage.Claire

  • Thanks Claire.  It's so nice to hear that from you and from others who think that I bring value.  I have been trying to keep my passion to continue to provide answers.  However, it has been hard though when continuing to receive negative comments.    Like the comments from 某知識長, I really don't know what to think of it and have no idea why.  I can only laugh if off and joke about 不為人妒者是庸才.

    elisaenglish 於 2008/07/24 09:55 回覆