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I have been thinking constantly about how I can retire early, or how I can spend less time working and more time with my kids.  Initially, I thought maybe I can be a Chinese teacher teaching American kids Chinese.  Our elementary school offers Chinese immersion class and the school is very close to our house.  Since my son is going to Kindergarten this year, I thought maybe this would be a good opportunity to spend more time with him.  As I dug deeper into this, I found out that we have to substantially cut back on our spending and change our life style if I become a teacher.  I don’t think that I am ready for that yet.  Another option that I thought of is to become a freelance translator, keeping my current job but working as a freelancer during the weekend.  That doesn’t seem to be a good option either because I can hardly find time to answer some Yahoo questions, let alone doing it as a career.  I also thought of buying a foreclosure house, then rent it and wait for a couple of years to sell it when the house appreciates.  That also requires a lot of time to manage.  Lately, my colleague brought up another idea, stating that her neighbor earned quite a lot of money from some sponsors, writing articles in his blog.  I thought that maybe this is a workable plan.  I just have to come up with an idea of what I want to write in my blog that will attract people to visit.  Maybe, I can start translating some books and posting them on my blog, compiling some grammar rules, or writing some articles.  Maybe, I should just do it and not think too much.

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  • feihong
  • Would definitely interested in finding how you go with your investment properties.. It's so hard to find a cashflow posiitive properties here across all parts of Australia.  I am looking to buy more properties again when our cashflow stabilises, as our first kid is on the way now :DMy longterm plan to retirement is fairly simple.  Wait for the properties to increase in value, refinance, draw out the equity loan and invest in index fund and use the dividend/distributions to meet the financial costs.  Any shortfalls in cashflow would also be capitalised in the equity loan as well so no out of pocket cash is needed.  Towards the end of the investment journey we will sell off a few properties to pay off the majority of debts so that we can retire on the rents/dividends.
  • Hi, feihong
    Congratulations!  You will have your hands full with the new born.
    We still haven’t ventured into investment properties yet.  My colleague has suggested a realtor to us, but we haven’t gotten in contact with him yet.  Since the housing market is so bad right now in the US , it may be easier to rent the houses and create positive cash flow.  The mortgage rate is high and there are a lot of foreclosure houses.  Anyway, I am still waiting to hear about the investment property from another colleague of mine.  I like to gather more information before making any move. 
    I will write an article in my blog about it when we purchase our first investment property.    

    elisaenglish 於 2008/09/03 00:01 回覆

  • 武林高手
  • Yes. I did work for Intel for 15 years, then I went to Taiwan to work for TSMC for antoher 2 years.  I came back to Intel last November to re-join my old group.  However, it was spun off and formed a new company with the Memory division of ST Micro this past April.
    Between this place and San Diego, where I grew up and went to schools, I like Northern California so much better... it sure has its "personality"
  • 武林高手
  • Hi, Elisa:
    This is yingyaoh from yahoo knowledge group.  This is the first time I visit your blog, and I am very impressed with what you've done here.
    Kids only have their childhood once, but there are plenty opportunities to earn money in your life.  So your cuties should be on the top of your priority list. 
    There is no better time to buy investment properties now.  But you need to make sure that the cash flow is positive, so that you can sit on it until the market recover.  I just bought my first one 2 weeks ago, and am making an offer on the second one.  I plan to have a property management company manage them for me, since I am as busy as you are...  we can discuss a bit more if you want.
    Please stop by Northern California next time you come to west coast.  Northern California got more "culture"
  • Hi, 武林高手
    Thanks for dropping by.  I almost forgot that I have a blog.  I have been very busy lately.  We have been thinking about buying investment properties.  I have talked to my colleagues too but have been too lazy to follow up with their contacts.  It is hard to squeeze time to do anything else outside of playing with kids.  We have not been watching our investment porfolio for some time.  I believe that it is probably shrinking like hell.
    I do love to talk to you about investment properties.  I will write you an email later.
    By the way, do you work for Intel?  We were actually in San Francisco about 1 year ago.  I do like that city.      

    elisaenglish 於 2008/08/07 15:16 回覆