We are going on vacation soon.  This will be our 2nd vacation this year.  We were in Taiwan for our first Chinese New Year this February after 18 years of stay in the US .  This time, we are going to Legoland and  Orange County again.  I cannot recall how many times we have been there.  I believe that we have been to  Orange County at least once a year.  I like the ocean and I like staying in New Port Beach / Laguna Beach for our summer and winter vacation.  It is a good place for the kids too as they like to play with sands.  In addition, they get to see the cute puppies in the pet store at Fashion Island .  When you have kids, your travel has to tailor around your kids.  I cannot recall how many times I went to Natural History Museum, Air and Space Museum and National Zoo in DC.  I remembered that I went to Phoenix Zoo everyday for a week while we were in Phoenix in addition to Science Museum .  It seems like that we were either in museums, zoos or beaches every time we traveled.


If you like to travel, better do it before you have kids.  Otherwise, you will have to go wherever your kids go.  It is a different kind of fun with kids though.  I like both of them dearly.  By the way, while we were in Taiwan , we went to 溪頭 and Sun-Moon-Lake and stayed at 涵碧樓, it was fun.  Our kids did enjoy them as they like running around.  You cannot believe how often our kids ask if we are going to stay in the hotel today.  I think too much traveling does have its flaw.






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