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It is sad to see people putting so much effort into removing my best answers at Yahoo Knowledge.  I would think that people come to this place to learn and to share their knowledge with others.  We are not Saints and we can be wrong at times.  It doesn't mean that when you are wrong this time, you will be wrong all the time.  It is good that there are people out there to point out our errors.  We should be grateful for the people who pointed out our errors, so that we don't make that same mistake again and that we don't make a fool of ourselves later.  Shielding yourself inside your own world and trying to lead people to live in the same world with you is selfish and pitiful.


Anyway, I just feel that it is sad that people are not more open minded to suggestions and comments, and have to take the route of removing other people's best answers to feel the power.  Truth will always be truth.  No matter how much you try to cover up, it will eventually be revealed.  People are not blind.  Don't make a laughing stalk of yourself.


I am sad that Yahoo Knowledge has a removing rule that allows people to abuse it to get retaliation.  However, I am glad that Yahoo has a new knowledge group that can allow people to post articles to share their knowledge.  I have posted most of my best answers out there, so even if they are removed from my profile, people still get the chance to read my answers out at knowledge group.  Anyway, I kept every copy of my answers, so even though people kept removing my best answers, it is not all lost.  


I am just sad for those people who find joy deleting my answers rather than learning from them and improving their English ability.  I am not saying that my English is the best but I know that it is pretty good based on the years that I have spoken and written English and the position that I hold in my company in the US .  I started answering questions because I want to share my knowledge with people in Taiwan to improve their English and also to help them not to be misled to wrong answers.  I do not get paid for this and I do it out of sacrificing my sleep and my precious time with my family.  I took it really seriously to answer every question and I spent hours to ensure that my answers are accurate and not misleading, so seeing my best answers get deleted day after day diminish my passion and energy to continue to answer the questions.  I am getting tired.  Really tired.  I am still trying to find the reasons to continue answering the questions.


By the way, I will be out on vacation in a couple of weeks, so that will be a good time off and away from all this.

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  • Kieve
  • Well said. If you find joy in answering the questions, then don't stop because of some stupid people who abuse the system. The rules are there because there are those that treat this as a game instead of a knowledge base. Unfortunately there's not much we can do except hope they'd grow up. Even with all the deletions, you still have a great average, so don't give up. You are helping a lot of people, and that is in itself a great reward. It's good to see Yahoo! now offers group blogs to save good answers. Keep up the great work!
  • Hi, Kieve
    Thanks for dropping by and for your encouragement.  I think that it is hard to locate my original passion for doing it.  It is like the saying "The new born calves are not afraid of tigers".  (I thought that this is a Chinese proverb, but it is widely used by the Hispanics)  I still answer the questions and keep on searching for the drive to continue.

    elisaenglish 於 2008/08/22 18:52 回覆

  • ...
  • could you please help me check the grammar of my enghlish introduction?
    我今年升高中考上了語文資優班 開學第一節課要自我介紹
    我自我介紹已經寫好了 可不可以請你幫我校正文法錯誤或句型
    你的英文很厲害 please give me a hand~
    我可以開知識+問題 選你最佳解答 給你點數 
  • 此則為私密回覆

    elisaenglish 於 2008/08/12 09:08 回覆

  • ...
  • 雖然你的文章我有時候看不懂
  • Thanks!  I am glad that you feel that way. 
    I remember someone once suggested that I included more Chinese explanations in my answers, so people can understand more.  I told him that if they wanted to improve their English, they should probably try to read it in English.
    Anyway, my main reason to write it in English is that I am lazy.
    It is just easier for me to type English.
    It takes too much of my time to copy and paste the Chinese characters. 
    My Chinese is not very good.   

    elisaenglish 於 2008/08/07 15:25 回覆

  • Jenny
  • It's so nice to learn a lot from your Yahoo knowledge, Your answers are all based on English grammar, specific references, and your own experience. When I read them at the first time, I was so excited and surprsied. I am an English teacher in Taiwan. The longer I teach, the more I find that teaching or explaining English grammar is not difficult, but teaching or explaining it well is not easy, especially to people in different langauge levels.

    Thanks again.
  • Thanks for your compliments.  I am about to loose my interest and my initial passion in answering the questions at Yahoo Knowledge, seeing so many of my best answers getting deleted.  I am just puzzled at why the system would create a rule to be abused.  Anyway, I am in the process of getting some of my deleted answers on my knowledge groups.  This way, people can still read them.  However, it is a slow process.  The rate of deletion on my best answers is too fast to follow. 

    elisaenglish 於 2008/06/16 12:21 回覆