Here is a poem I wrote dedicated to my son for his frustration to get us attending the Fiesta.  To get some background of this poem, please read the article "A Fiesta".   We try not to hurt his feeling but sometimes it is inevitable.  Life is tough. 


Life is Tough - A poem written by Elisa English on 4/14/10

You asked in earnest

Can you come to my Fiesta?

I said to be honest

I couldn’t.  Ser realista!


Please don’t cry.

I will tell you why

Not that I don’t want to

But do you have any clue

The numerous events

Your school presents


We will always be there

Whatever time we can spare

If we can’t be there

Don’t sink into despair


Life is tough

There is always not enough

But we will try to be there

To show our love and care


** Ser realista (Spanish) = Be realistic

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