If you have been asking me questions or following my blog, you might find that it takes much longer now for me to post a response or an article. As my kids grow older, I am spending more and more time with them to monitor their schoolwork and to make sure that they have completed their school assignments. The time left after work and after being with family becomes less and less affordable for me to write an article or respond to any question. I still welcome your questions, but sometimes I got sick of answering grammar questions that do not make sense at all. I often wonder your purpose of learning English. To me, learning a language is to be able to communicate verbally and in writing effectively. Have you thought of how you learn Chinese? The technique should be similar.

That said, I just set up a Facebook page for my blog.  Why did I do that?  A friend of mine recently indicated to me that I could actually blog on Facebook as well, except that if I made it visible to the public, it would invite the world to comment on my blog articles. I also just found out that some of my friends set up a Facebook page recently to promote their first book and to answer questions from their target audience. That gave me an idea to create a Facebook page as well. I probably won't blog on that Facebook page, but since I log into my Facebook account more often than into my blog, I will be more accessible to my blog readers.

I will respond within my ability and if time permits as long as you don't mind waiting, as I can't guarantee how long it will take me to get back to you. I will still do my best to provide you with the most accurate answers I can. I will admit if I don’t know an answer and will try to either find the answer later or discuss with my friends and colleagues. I do make typos or mistakes. If you find any typo or error in my article or my response, please don’t hesitate to point that out to me. If you disagree with what I stated, please also provide your arguments. One thing that I would like to stress is that I am not a grammarian. Even grammarians disagree with one another. However, I will not engage in pointless arguments. If you do so, you will likely be added to my blacklist and I will cease responding to you.


This is the link to that Facebook page.  Elisa's English

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