Would you believe that I am pro-life if I repost articles that advocate pro-choice and regard abortion as a necessary evil?  Don’t tell me that you are not promoting anti-Americanism when, at your own will and with a sound mind, you repost news articles that contain anti-Americanism. 



    So you said, “I am not the one who kills the man”.  Yes, you are not the one who did the dirty laundry.  However, you are the one who condone the manslaughter.  Are you telling me that you are not guilty of the murder because you are just the mastermind behind the scene who does not physically carry out the killing?  Is it okay to repost articles or post articles containing certain message without holding yourself liable for what the message would convery?  If you come across an article describing the ugliness of the world and suggesting that suicide would be the best solution to be free from this ugly world, and your decision is to repost that article and share with the world without voicing your disagreement, aren't you at the same time condoning the message that it is best to get suicide to be free from this world?  By taking the action to repost that article word by word, under your free will and with a sound mind, you are telling others that you see eye to eye with the author of the article.  Whatever messages conveyed in the articles you post even though not written by your own hands does represent your own intention when you took part in spreading the message.  You are equally guilty for being partners in crime.  Don't tell me that just because you didn't write that article, you should not be held responsible for spreading the hateful message written by others.  Own up your responsibility!  Don't be a coward hiding behind the curtain!    





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