I have been wanting to write about my daughter, about her skillful manipulation.  This is it.     It is not perfect but I am brain dead at the moment. 


A poem for my daughter – As cunning as a fox

Written by Elisa English 01/18/2010 @ 3pm


Oh, my precious little girl

You are such a cunning little girl

Your face, full of facial expressions

And your head, filled with questions


I can never move my eyes away from you

The various facial expressions from you

Your every emotion captures my soul

There is no escape but fall under your control



Your innocent smile

Hiding under your guile

How can one resist that sweet request

Coming from you, a little girl full of zest


I am your Mom, and

I should be in command

But I can never win

As you twinkle with grin


Beneath those twinkling eyes

Lies the purest soul with no disguise


Your eyes wide and bright

You melt my heart away

Whenever you are in sight


How can you be so wily

Yet so lovely


There is nothing I can do

but showering you

with all my kisses


** 版權所有 – Elisa English

By the way, my daughter is only 3 but she has two faces, the innocent and obedient child in front of her teachers and a DJM (Da-Juan-Mei) at our house.  She doesn't know what it means but she scolded me anyway for calling her that name.  She would say no name-calling like a teacher disciplining the kids.  

Oh, lately she got her first playdate by using her charm, constantly asking one of her friends' dad if she could go over to his house and play with his son.  It was so embarrassing.  

Don't be fooled by her innocent look.  By the way, she is a daddy's girl.  I don't know why I am the least favorite person when I am the one who gives in the most. 

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