This is not a word-for-word translation, but rather an attempt to capture the essence of the original verse as much as possible in minimal wording.  My translation of this verse is based on my limited understanding of the Chinese language and the interpretation from the following sites.









Translation by Elisa English:


Corrupt officials, though heinous, are known to all.

Incorrupt officials, though most despicable, are known to few.

As the former, conscious of their sickness, conduct no public atrocity. 

Whilst, the later, armed with unblemished records, commit all ferocity. 

With obstinacy, incorrupt officials stop at nothing for supremacy.

They, at a minimum, deprive the life of their people;

while, in the extreme, destroy the future of their nation.


You can find another version of my translation from the link below.  However, I like the one I posted above better.


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