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Warning!  You might find this article boring.    


Those of you who know me from Yahoo Knowledge know that I was once a奇摩知識英文分類管理員 and that I carried no weight in voicing my opinion as a volunteer to the forum.  Due to my lack of power to make any change or improvement to the system, I have declined to continue as a volunteer and stopped serving as a奇摩知識英文分類管理員My request was sent to Yahoo Knowledge in September 2009.  One year and seven months has passed and I am still listed as the 奇摩知識英文分類管理員.  I am disheartened by how the forum is managed and have no interest in participating in the forum.


Recently, one of my friends mentioned my name on a Yahoo Knowledge question regarding question removals.  I told him that I don’t mind since I don’t care about it anymore.  However, it feels odd to see my name listed as 奇摩知識英文分類管理員 when I am in reality a nominal head.  That message from my friend prompted me to send an email to request Yahoo Knowledge management to remove my name again after so many years of trying to avoid any interaction with Yahoo Knowledge.  Below is my email to Mr. Knowledge_2004.  Hopefully, this time, any association of me with 奇摩知識英文分類管理員 will eventually be removed.     


This is the email:


To Mr. Knowledge_2004,

I have quit being a volunteer to serve as 奇摩知識英文分類管理員 since September 2009.  One year and seven months has passed and I am still listed as the 奇摩知識英文分類管理員.  Could you please kindly remove my name as the 奇摩知識英文分類管理員 and any information about me in your 奇摩知識分類管理員 database? 

Your attention to this matter is greatly appreciated. 




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