These are some enlightening words of wisdom from Benjamin Franklin that I came across reading this article:  

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety

- Benjamin Franklin

放棄基本自由來換取一點短暫安定的人,既得不到自由也得不到安定。 -富蘭克林


What a contrast compared to the idiotic words of shit from Ma Government that I recently came upon from AFP News!

From AFP News:

 “Only irresponsible people or idiots want Taiwan independence (from the mainland),” Wu Den-yih, of the pro-Beijing Kuomintang party, told a local radio station Tuesday. 


Wow!  What an interesting statement!  Does this mean that Ma is an idiot because he ran for Taiwanese president when he does not believe Taiwan to be a nation but a province of China?  Does this mean that all people in KMT are idiots who backed Ma to run for Taiwanese president when they do not believe Taiwan to be a nation but a province of China?  Does this mean that the followers of Ma are idiots who voted for Ma to be Taiwanese president when Ma and his administrative do not believe Taiwan to be a nation but a province of China?  I am confused with what Wu's true intention for making such statement.  Was he admitting that Ma, Ma's cabinets, Ma's government, all of Ma's followers, Kuomintang and all of KMT’s followers are all a bunch of idiots?  Surely he is not going to think in his sane mind that Communist China will allow two presidents to rule China.  I highly doubt that there is any law or government in the whole wide world that allows it.  Maybe he doesn't have a sane mind.  In what name could you even elect a president for Taiwan or the so-called Republic of China if Taiwan is not an independent country?    



I am speechless as I read all these idiotic remarks made by Ma’s government.  I cannot imagine how people can survive under such governance.  I have to refrain myself from reading any more comments from them.  They are killing me with stupidity.   


Oh! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!  I sincerely hope that you can survive another two years of ruling under this idiotic and incompetent government.  Remember, you have only yourselves to blame for to be an accomplice to crime.  As Benjamin Franklin rightly stated, those who give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.      

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