It was about a month ago on Veteran’s Day that I read the stories of some disabled Veterans which prompted me to write this article.  I have been thinking of writing this since then but have had trouble finding time to frame my thoughts.  I have the utmost respect to the soldiers who felled in defense of freedom, risking their lives to save the lives of others.  It is so sad to read the stories of those who sacrificed their lives to protect us and to provide a better living for others.  It is also so unbearable to hear about the war trauma they experienced, the disabilities they developed and the difficulties they faced returning to civilian life and reentering into their previous rhythm of life.



I can see why so many Americans would disapprove sending troops to the Middle East or any other country to engage in the war of others, to rescue those people, non-Americans, fallen victim to tyranny and dictatorship or suffering from a continuous state of civil war.  Americans are not welcomed in many countries.  Flames of anti-Americanism have been fanned by foreign media controlled by the foreign governments (especially in China and in the Middle East) to pursue domestic and foreign policy goals with poisonous anti-American propaganda, fueling terrorism and blaming many of their problems on the US.  So, what is the point of saving those citizens from hardship when the rescue wasn’t appreciated or even requested for?  When you think of it that way, it truly doesn’t make any sense for the Americans to risk their lives saving the foreigners.  Often their act of kindness would be met by cold shoulders.  That is also one reason that I would doubt Americans would send troops to Taiwan if China were to invade Taiwan even with bloodshed involved.  On the other hand, many Americans, especially Christians, also believe in saving the souls of others.  Anyway, it is best not to rely on others because they might not come to your rescue.  You are the master of own destiny and you shape your own future. 


Somehow, I don’t know why but I thought of the book “Don Quixote of La Mancha”.  Maybe it is time that I stop writing on deeply serious topics.      


Written by Elisa English

On 12/10/2010 in Minneapolis

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