I just came back from my son's Halloween Party at school.  It is so amazing to see so many kids in costumes.  Some were really innovative and funny.  Here are some of the pictures I took.  I am sorry that I cannot enlarge the photos.  This is to protect the kids' identities. 

My daughter had her Halloween parade yesterday at her daycare.  I didn't have time to attend so I don't have pictures of her addressing as a Hello Kitty princess.  I will take the pictures tomorrow when she and her brother go out to trick or treat. 


Picture 136.jpg - My son: Making spider cookies


Picture 096.jpg  - This is his principal dressing like a chicken.


Picture 120.jpg - You would never guess that this is a boy. I believe that he is probably in 3rd grade


Picture 117.jpg - I really like this costume.  Sponge Bob Squarepants.  Very innovative and cheap.  You cannot imagine how expensive the costumes cost.  Some at over $35.  Can you imagine to spend that kind of money each year and have the kids wear it once only at Halloween?  My son did not have a costume until he started kindergarten.  My daughter is wearing her Hello Kitty dress instead, but I bought her a wand and a princess crown, both totaling up to roughly $10. 


Picture 134.jpg Picture 109.jpg Picture 108.jpg - My son's class.  One girl dressed up like Pikachu.  She is a fan of Pikachu.  Kind of like my daughter - a fan of Hello Kitty. 


Picture 098.jpg Picture 099.jpg Picture 102.jpg Picture 103.jpg Picture 104.jpg Picture 105.jpg Picture 106.jpg

Picture 110.jpg Picture 111.jpg Picture 112.jpg Picture 113.jpg Picture 115.jpg Picture 116.jpg Picture 118.jpg

Picture 119.jpg Picture 123.jpg Picture 125.jpg Picture 126.jpg Picture 127.jpg Picture 128.jpg Picture 130.jpg

Picture 129.jpg Picture 131.jpg Picture 121.jpg Picture 122.jpg 


Updated 12/1/09:

This is a picture of my daughter dressing up as a Hello Kitty princess. 


More of my son's pictures as the dark vader.

004.JPG 005.JPG   


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