I hate to bring this up again but I was really surprised to see that heinous person being so persistence.  I am sorry that I have to use such wording as I have nothing good to say about him/her.   Why did I mention him/her again?  I would like not to but I just discovered today that he/she had left a message on one of the knowledge group I manage.   I haven’t visited the knowledge groups I established for a long time, so I didn’t know about the message until today when I was posting new articles.  As the group manager, I feel the responsibility to pay some attention to managing the site and write some articles which may benefit the group members. 


Anyway, I thought that if I stop answering Yahoo questions, the attacks will cease.  It didn’t seem that way.  Now, I have to add new rules to my knowledge groups to protect myself.  This is just insane!  This is an article I wrote at English Forum around this incident and the new rules I set.  http://tw.group.knowledge.yahoo.com/english-forum/article/view?aid=126


If your purpose is to drive me totally away from answering Yahoo questions or managing any Yahoo knowledge group, you have succeeded in accomplishing most of it.  Providing my knowledge at no cost with such returns makes me feel unworthy of devoting my precious time. 


Like I said in that article, I hope that whoever you are will grow up one day.  It makes no difference to me whether to answer Yahoo questions or to manage Yahoo knowledge groups.  It just gives me more time to read books and to enrich myself.    All I can say to you is GET A LIFE.   


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