The Simple Present Tense (簡單現在式)


The simple present is used to describe, indicate or express

1.  an action, an event, or condition occurring in the present


2.  a general truth, a description or a definition


3.  a permanent situation


4.  a habitual or repetitive action, event, or condition


5.  a future event when used in conjunction with adverb of frequency or adverbial phrase or when the schedule is fixed


6.  states or feelings


For example:

1.   Margaret is a graduate student.


2.  The earth revolves around the sun. 

2.  The study shows the importance of work-life balance.

2.  This report examines effects of global warming.  

2.  The story tells the tortured life of obsession and betrayal. 


3.  John has blue eyes.


4.  We go to swim every Saturday morning.

4.  The school starts at 8am.


5.  The movie “Tinkerbell” airs tomorrow night.

5.  She is always late for work.

5.  She wants to be the US president when she grows up.

5.  She will apply to an MBA program after she graduates from college.


6.  I like suspense.



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