Can you imagine what wakes us up in the winter?  Oh, did I say “winter”?  It does seem like winter to me waking up at a temperature around 30 degree Fahrenheit’s for the past week.  Anyway, it is our friendly little woodpecker.  Did I say “friendly”?  I meant to say it in a sarcastic tone.  I hate woodpeckers.  Imagine that you are sound asleep and suddenly awoke by loud hammerings on your wall.  If you experience that, you would understand how I feel.  I don’t know if they are within the protection of Minnesota State Law or not.    


Anyway, we saw the coyote again the other day near our pond.  Oh, remember the pheasant that used to wake us up in the morning.  I believe it leaves for the summer and returns in the winter.  Maybe, Minnesota summer is too hot for it to sustain.  I don’t think that the coyote ate it.  That pheasant jus showed up in spring to chew off our screen door so it could get to the dead bugs behind the screen door.  I don’t know why it didn’t go after the fresh bugs.  Maybe it is a lazy pheasant. 


By the way, I should probably look up the internet to see if there is any danger having coyote living near us.  I have not heard any animal screaming for life, so I think that it must have made its kill somewhere else.  Maybe we don’t have to worry too much since we don’t have a pet.

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