When I translated the poem “如夢令” written by 李清照, someone asked if I would also translate the poem “如夢令” written by 向滈.  I didn’t respond at that time because I was somewhat busy and have gotten a little bit tired of writing.  Since I will be working 20 h0urs this week, I have some leisure time to look into this. 


Are you wondering why I only have to work 20 hours this week?  If you know me, you would know that I don’t like stress.  Raising two overly active kids and having a full time job is pretty stressful.  So, when my husband has to go on a business trip, our entire family would usually tag along.  However, we did not this time due to the extreme humidity and the intolerably high weather temperature in Austin, Texas this week.  Since I am stuck with our two kids, I have decided to take some time off from work.  In addition, I do not have an alternative daycare for my daughter whose daycare will be off tomorrow and Friday.  With the reduced work hours this week, I can have a better control of my day.  I can also take my son to the doctor’s to get his cast off.  Maybe for tomorrow after the conference call, I will take my daughter to the mall for lunch.  We can also take a walk at the park after I pick up my son.  As for Friday, I plan to bring my daughter to the State Fair and attend my department’s outing event in the afternoon. 


Sorry for all the mumbling.  You are probably wondering where my translation is.  Here it is.  My translation is based on the interpretation of this website.  http://xz5.2000y.net/mb/2/ReadNews.asp?NewsID=366786


By the way, I am not good at translating poems.  This is as good as I can come up with. 


Translation by Elisa English on 8/25/10   

All rights reserved

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向滈   如夢令

Tune: Like a Dream


Who would accompany me

By my window, as I sat alone?

It was none other than me

and the shadow of my own.


Lights off, time for bed

Away my shadow fled


Feeling helplessly, helplessly!

Poor! Poor! Lonesome me!

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