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Why do I blog?


The reason changes from time to time. 

In March 2008, I accidentally stumbled upon a Taiwanese Q&A forum.  Shocked by the enormous amount of incorrect answers floating in that forum, I started blogging, hoping to steer people to learn the right English usage and to write better English.  I was extremely passionate about what I did.  I see that the problem results from the entire English teaching and learning system in Taiwan.  Sometimes the wrong concept gets passed down from generation to generation, creating close-mindedness resulting from deeply ingrained concept.  Very few Taiwanese in Taiwan can escape the fate of committing language interference errors which is a common phenomenon in Taiwan or any non-English speaking country in the world.  Language interference errors are chiefly due to differences between the two languages, structurally and phonologically and occur primarily due to the Taiwanese lacking sufficient knowledge of English grammar rules and word usage and reverting to using the rules of Chinese to express something in English.  


Over the years, I grew tired and my passion dampened.  My blog diverted from topics on English grammar and usage to poems and reflection of what I see and read.  My motive on blogging changed from the sole purpose of illustrating the Taiwanese people the right English usage to just pure pleasure of writing.  Though I still answer English grammar and usage questions on my blog, I lost that drive to write just to educate and even felt demoralized to answer any question.  Anyway, as I always say, I am never a Saint and I don't claim to be one.  I change my mind all the time.  Now I find blogging for my own sake and for the sake of my children rewarding and fun.  From my writing, my kids get to know the other side of their mom, outside of being just their mom.    It is yet another thing that I can share with them.      

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  • ft
  • The only reason I write blog is because I want to AUTHENTICALLY SHARE my life. I want my readers to know me and then understand me. I don’t need my readers to agree or disagree with me. I want to be known and understood. I am just a very ordinary human being, I get angry, upset, happy, naughty, hurt, the list goes on.

    I want to share my life with my readers, the world might be sucks sometimes, I might be in tears sometimes… but hey, after a while, I will dry my tears and confront the world head on again. Cheer for me when I am back on my feet again; give me a hand when I am down; give me a pat when I am tired; guide me when I am puzzle.

    I want to share with my readers--- you are not alone, I do experience so-called “bad things”, feel blue, negative etc… but hey, if we start to make a difference now, tomorrow might be brighter. And I am determined to make a difference.

    As you know, I am willing to get an a/c with pixnet so I can share this with you, instead of going to the place and share. It is because I feel free here, I feel comfortable to share with you authentically. I know if I share with you my happiness/joy, you won’t think I am showing off, instead you might be happy for me; if I share with you my sadness, you probably will be able to feel for me instead of pity me as a victim.

    So, for me, writing blog is not just because I want to write. If I want to write, I can just write with a pen and a piece of paper, or type in a word document and save it in my computer, or published in a private blog. I write blog is because I want to share my life, be known and understand. Sharing always comes in two parts --- give and receive. If one part is missing, sharing cannot take place. I am reluctant to go back and write because I have been misunderstood again and again and again. I did my best to explain yet the effort is in vain. I give up on sharing, therefore I am not bothered to write. Plus, most of the people there are inauthentic, they try to pretend to be someone else, they think they know something… but their arguments are lame, very lame. I don’t know why is that though, certainly it is not a part of Chinese culture. Chinese culture is based on 易經 (a book of change), as the name suggested, Chinese people should be able to handle different voice, opinions… but in reality, if I have different voice, it is like 過街老鼠,人人喊打… or they will try to convince me to their points.

    Anyway, enough for tonigt.
  • I am flattered. You are always welcome to share whatever you want to share with me.

    We all have our own set of opinions. I don't know about Chinese people being receptive to different voices; however, I do think that some are pretty pretentious. :)

    Don't mind about what others think. Be true to yourself and focus on your priority.

    elisaenglish 於 2010/07/30 12:40 回覆

  • wakasui
  • Years ago, a coworker started video taping his crazy dances and post it daily on the net. And it went viral. When a local TV station caught wind of this, they interviewed some university sociology profs for their opinions. Their professional opinions are that people have a tendency of exhibiting themselves to gain acceptance.

    Well, I don't really care much about that. We all want to be connected. I don't think it's wrong to blog or post video clips of one's silly dancing moves. :)

    Anyway, not sure what I'm trying to say. But reading for the number of hits on your blog, I'm sure people do enjoy reading it. If you enjoy writing blogs, then just do it.
  • It is funny to look back at what got me into blogging. I still feel the need to write to educate people. Maybe people do benefit from my other forms of writing.

    elisaenglish 於 2010/07/30 10:48 回覆