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How Much to Reveal?


What to reveal and what not to?  It is never easy to draw the boundary.  Sharing one’s intimate thoughts or spilling one’s secrets seems all so much easy these days while hiding behind the computer screen.

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露出馬, 露出原形自己, 露出本性, 露出狐狸尾巴

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無病呻吟(的人) – hypochondriac (adj., n.)


For Example:

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What is your priority?


My husband often says that I am an odd person, not easily influenced, with a strange logic and a stubborn mind that is beyond anyone’s comprehension.  I can only say that I am a unique person with my own sense of priorities and principles.  I am oblivious to many trivial stuff, trivial compared to my sense of priorities.  Life is short.  There is so little time for so many things, so it is important for me to focus on my priorities. 

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About Marriage


Before I get to the central point of my argument about why some Asian women prefer marrying a Caucasian, I want to express that I do see successes in some interracial marriages where the Asian woman or the Asian man does not carry a hidden agenda to purposely or exclusively seek out an American husband or wife to marry.  These couples met by accident and later fell in love, which eventually led to their marriage.  In their marriage, there are no strings attached, no hidden agenda, nor ulterior motive.  These couples are not the protagonists of my article.

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An analyst assigned to my project came to see me today to discuss testing and installation.  She was intrigued by the family pictures that I hanged on the wall.  The beauty of the gorge, valley and mountains in Taroko National Park captured her eyes.  I told her that they were pictures taken in Hualien, Taiwan.  She told me of her first trip outside of her home town when she was seventeen years old traveling alone to Taipei, Taiwan.  I was surprised to learn that she does not speak Mandarin but she could read the traditional Chinese characters without problem.  My thoughts went astray.  How could she have poor command of the English language, yet does not speak Mandarin at all?  How could she understand the traditional Chinese characters, yet has no knowledge of the spoken language, Mandarin?  I know.  I am so bad.  I shouldn’t be so presumptuous.  Looks can be deceiving.  She has a facial feature like a Chinese.  You would not think of her as someone from other ethnic groups. 


It was interesting to hear her claiming to be the descendant of the royal family of the Song Dynasty that moved to Korea.  She further stated that she kept her last name “Song” as her middle name to carry on her heritage.  She went on with the story of how the royal family tree only kept a record of the sons but not the daughters, so her name was not recorded.  Anyway, she sure pulled a prank on me because I suck at Chinese History.  If she was not pulling a prank on me, she must also suck at Chinese History.  Don’t laugh at me.  I only vaguely remembered that “Kuangyin” was the founder of the Song Dynasty. 

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A Reality Check


My husband told me the other day about a feature in Wii Sports under Wii Fitness, which tests one’s fitness age.  What it does is to calculate the fitness age of a person via assessing one’s performance on agility, dexterity and stamina in three randomly chosen sports.  The fitness age ranges from 20 to 80 years old.  You could be tested in tennis for “Returning Balls”, “Target Practice” and “Timing Your Swing”, in baseball for “Batting Practice”, “Swing Control” and “Hitting Home Runs”,  in golf for “Putting”, “Target Practice” and “Hitting the Green”, in bowling for “Spin Control”, “Power Throws” and “Picking Up Spares”, and in boxing for “Dodging”, “Throwing Punches” and “Working the Bag”.

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My Wii Experience


I probably won’t buy any Wii if not for the Wii Games: Summer 2010 event which we accidentally ran into at the Mall.  As a disclaimer, I don’t work for Nintendo nor am I a spokeswoman for its product.  If you read my article “an interesting event”, you would know that I had a blast playing Wii, not for the games but for the dance and the sports.  Actually, they function somewhat like games.  I think that the scores actually motivate you to work out more and the competition with others pushes you to take that one extra step and work out harder.  In addition, if you do not have time to run to the gym, you can still work out at home.  I believe that I was sold the moment I tried “Just Dance”.  My daughter and I had copious amounts of fun dancing together.

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