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I just came back from my son's Halloween Party at school.  It is so amazing to see so many kids in costumes.  Some were really innovative and funny.  Here are some of the pictures I took.  I am sorry that I cannot enlarge the photos.  This is to protect the kids' identities. 

My daughter had her Halloween parade yesterday at her daycare.  I didn't have time to attend so I don't have pictures of her addressing as a Hello Kitty princess.  I will take the pictures tomorrow when she and her brother go out to trick or treat. 


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Students, in general, lack muscle strength, and are likely to get injured while carrying sports equipment.


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Peep (verb)


Peeper (noun)

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Have (got) a thing with / for / about


= be obsessed with / for / about

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Thorns do not prick you unless you lean against them

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Err on the right side.  Err on the safe side.  Err on the side of caution

 What exactly do these terms mean?


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Stone squeezer

=> It implies that a person is so good at (1) exploiting others or (2) making something out of nothing, that he can even squeeze something out of a stone.

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***6/13/2010:  I was reading some of my older blogs and found this poll I created.  It didn't work at that time.  Now I have fixed it, so if you are still interested in voting, please cast your vote.  It is just for fun and for my understanding of why you visit my blog.  By the way, you can select multiple choices and leave me comments too.  Thanks!


I find something interesting today, so I thought to give it a try.  It is a website that allows you to create polls in your blog.  I cannot think of any interesting poll question at this moment, so please bear with me and my lousy question while I try out this gizmo. 

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I have just talked about the prepositions of time and their correct usage.  I would like to continue the topic and talk about the prepositions of places since the usage of which confuses many people too.   


When should we use “at”, “in” or “on” when referencing place?

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What is a scavenger hunt?  I never realized that you might not know its meaning when I wrote the article: A Bone Scavenger Hunt, until recently when I found out that someone was directed to my article when searching for its meaning.

A scavenger hunt 尋寶遊戲 is a game where teams of players are provided with a list with specific items to be collected and tasks to be completed.  These items are hidden in various areas of a specific location.  Hints are provided to help players locate the items, so it is not like finding a needle in a hay stack.  Whichever team completes gathering the items and performing the tasks from the list first wins the game.  

It is a popular team building activity in the US.  The one I attended last was at Mall of America several years ago.  It is a huge mall if you have visited the place, so it was quite interesting trying to figure out which item was hidden in which store and then to pinpoint out where in the store that item could be located.  One of the tasks I remembered was to mimic the mannequins, which was rather embarrassing. 

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I hate to bring this up again but I was really surprised to see that heinous person being so persistence.  I am sorry that I have to use such wording as I have nothing good to say about him/her.   Why did I mention him/her again?  I would like not to but I just discovered today that he/she had left a message on one of the knowledge group I manage.   I haven’t visited the knowledge groups I established for a long time, so I didn’t know about the message until today when I was posting new articles.  As the group manager, I feel the responsibility to pay some attention to managing the site and write some articles which may benefit the group members. 


Anyway, I thought that if I stop answering Yahoo questions, the attacks will cease.  It didn’t seem that way.  Now, I have to add new rules to my knowledge groups to protect myself.  This is just insane!  This is an article I wrote at English Forum around this incident and the new rules I set.  http://tw.group.knowledge.yahoo.com/english-forum/article/view?aid=126

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    Recently, I got a comment from someone confused with the usage of “in old age” vs. “at old age”.  I thought that it would be beneficial to share what I know with you.  A lot of people seem to have confusions around the usage of prepositions “at”, “in” and “on”, when referencing time or place.  If you commit a usage error of the prepositions of time or place, you are not alone and are among many, including native speakers.


When should we use “at”, “in” or “on” when referencing time?

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  • Oct 26 Mon 2009 12:29
  • eBooks

We are living in an era with a lot of freebies.  I have found the majority of them hidden in the cyber space.  What I enjoy the most is the free ebooks.  When I said free, I meant free as in no monetary exchange and no breaking the laws.  The one website I like the most is “Project Gutenberg”.  Many of the ebooks available for download on that site are free and there is no copyright issue to download the ebooks in the United States.  As stated by the site, copyright for many of these books has expired in the United States.  Others still copyrighted can be downloaded or can have copies given away if you restrict your use to educational and non commercial one.      

 It is therefore safe to download the ebooks without violating the copyright in the US, so long as you use it for your own personal reading. 


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A splendid Midsummer.

A radiant Midsummer.

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= 自卑過甚、自暴自棄, 過於自卑而不知自重

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Thrown into disarray -  使…陷入混亂的狀況



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Where did you get your laser eye surgery?

**By the way, laser eye surgery is also called: Keratectomy, LASIK, LTK, PRK

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There are several ways of saying "高票當選", "高票獲勝".  It depends on where it is used.  Below are the different translations and where they are used.



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請問英文句型 dare need

You daren't climb that tree, dare you?
You daren't climb that tree, do you?

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My son and his photographic memory


When I said that my son has a photographic memory, I didn’t mean on everything.  Wouldn’t it be nice that your kids have a photographic memory on their academic studies?  This way, parenting would be a lot easier.  I would not have to chase after him to get his homework done and readings completed for the day.

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