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Buying a home at auction is not for the faint of heart.

the faint of heart 等不等於 the faint heart? 為什麼要在多加一個of ?

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It is not an easy task considering the limited spare time I have, spreading among answering Yahoo questions, posting articles on my blog, answering questions from my blog fans, and so on (family life, social life, volunteer work and translation hobby, etc.) 


You might wonder what the uneasy task is.  The task is to post all my answers at Yahoo Knowledge over here.  If you ask me why, it is prompted by a recent incident which pushed my answers up on the spotlight by someone in a rampage trying to get to me in reporting the majority of my answers to Yahoo Management for removal. 

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This is interesting.  Wow!  Someone who has the ability to report tons of questions to be removed in a day really went through all my answers since February 2008 and reported them (those qualified to be removed) to be deleted.  I thought that I started answering Yahoo question in March 2008, but I was wrong.  It does make me feel a little sad seeing so many questions reported to be removed.  I think that I did anger someone greatly.  I went and checked every one of my answers and I could probably say 80% of them were marked "很抱歉! 已經有人進行檢舉,客服部將盡快處理。"


I am wondering if my critiques or comments hurt anybody to warrant such retaliation.  I cannot help it.  I cannot bear not saying what is right and what is wrong.     


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這裡, “strike a social bargain” means: 達成了社會上的協議 

=> It means: to reach a social agreement  


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Hard and fast = fixed, unchangeable

硬性, 不變


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 Blow your wig (back)

= Surprise you.

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Every now and then, I would sound like a broken record, complaining about the questions that I answered being removed.  It is getting old and I hate talking about it.  I should stop after this incidence. 


I am most impressed with people’s devotion in going through my answers and reported them to be removed.  Though, my husband thought that it wouldn’t take too much of their time since all they did was reading the subject line of the questions, selected it and hit abuse report.  It will take less than three seconds to report the questions to be removed.  They could go through hundreds of questions in no time. 

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This is my translation for a paragraph from 老殘遊記.  It seems to depict exactly how some people felt with the recent typhoon disaster.



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Just for fun.  Phrases using body parts or sort of.



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Move the needle

To make a significant impact

To make a noticeable difference

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Sometimes one phrase may consist of several different meanings.  You should choose whichever meaning makes the most sense for that sentence.   

 In the case of "If you are bugged out, please yell out for help", to interpret it as “如果你突然離開, 請大聲求救” or “如果你顯示出驚慌恐懼時,請大聲求救 would be illogical.


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= 自卑過甚、自暴自棄, 過於自卑而不知自重

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堅持 (愛情) 

Adj. => Undeviating, unwavering, unfaltering.

Noun => preseverance, persistence

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Give someone the back of one’s hand = Reject or feel contempt

, 駁回, 否決, 輕蔑, 鄙視


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This is a question I answered at Yahoo Knowledge, but since the subject line is vague, I knew that someone would report it to be removed.  Just to make sure that others can still benefit from the quality answer I provided, I decided to post it here. 


This is it. 

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(A) 隨遇而安: 能安於所處的環境。



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 A sonnet written by Elisa in the dead of night on 8/18/09. 


My sympathy goes to everyone in Taiwan.  I have said enough on my blog about my sadness and feeling surrounding the poor handling and the tardiness of the entire rescue process.  I do hope that everyone can get through this disaster. 

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I really cannot read the news anymore regarding typhoon disaster in Taiwan.  For those of you who asked me questions, I am sorry that my mind is so occupied with Typhoon Morakot to think of anything else.  Maybe a few days later, I will respond back to you.  At this moment, all I can think of is the people who desperately need our help.        


I felt so anguish with the incompetency and the ignorance of the Taiwanese government, adding more to the damage already created by Typhoon Morakot .  I felt so sad that some lives could have been saved but not due to the delay from the government in mobilizing the rescue effort.  Words cannot describe my anguish against the Ma Administration.  It is beyond my comprehension the incompetency and the ignorance of the Ma Government.  Words cannot describe my sadness for the people in Southern Taiwan.  I cried whenever I read the news.  I felt so powerless.  There is nothing that I can do but provide disaster relief to the victims through donation. 

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Disaster Relief Fundraiser Event


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